Welcome to my new website and e-portfolio. I had been so busy the last couple of months making other people’s websites that I still had my old “retro” website that I made in my first week of learning web programming (can be seen under archives.)  This website primarily serves as an e-portfolio, however I do have plans to extend it into a blog, featuring everything from programming to traveling. If you are here to see my work, everything is listed below in chronological order; the list is short for now, but its going to keep growing and keep increasing in quality with every creation. Enjoy!

Flex Box Demo

Flex Box Screen ShotThis is a rough demo website using the latest CSS positioning technique: Flex Box. It’s a lot better then current methods available, as it does a great job of conforming to changing view ports, using up available space, and even re-ordering elements with just a style-sheet media query. Unfortunately Flex Box is not very well supported right now, however it is possible to solve this problem by creating backup style-sheets for older browsers.

If you wan’t to check it out, just use zoom in and out function to see it react, use ctr+/- (or cmd+/- on mac) to simulate view ports. I am still working on this website live, so if you see some funny things happening come back later because I may have temporarily broke it.

Link: http://www.adrianhoulewebprojects.com/experimental/CRMSdemo.php

Cafe Visi

Cafe VisiLink:http://cafevisi.com/

This website was made in response to a last minute request by sales associates for a natural supplement company. It uses a fully responsive, mobile-first parent theme from Cyber Chimps, and since I did not have a lot of time for custom styling. It was handy that the parent theme already looked pretty good (although I had to replace the default slider with a new plugin sense it butchered image quality).

Jacques Houle Mineral Exploration Consulting

Jacques Houle Mineral Exploration ConsultingLink:http://jacqueshouleconsulting.ca/

This was my first WordPress project where I used overwriting cascading style sheets to customize an existing theme. I used another responsive, mobile-first theme by Cyber Chimps. I made this for my father’s company to begin building my portfolio. This was an interesting challenge, as he wanted something very plain and easy to read, but I was trying to make something to show off with. If you look at the original theme: http://wp-themes.com/responsive/?TB_iframe=true&width=600&height=400 you will see that not only has the format been completely changed, at some points even having to use little CSS hacks to break the flow, but also the navigation bar was heavily styled to allow users to be absolutely sure of what page they are on. This website actually looks even better on a smart phone than on a monitor.

Easy Edit


Easy Edit

This ugly thing is not meant to be pretty; I made this to practice mySQL and PHP. Basically it is a database driven website that you can log in into and edit some text, kind of like Word Press. All logins and changes are recorded in the database, and used to log who made what changes. It’s fairly secure, uses the latest in SQL injection prevention code, and cannot be HTML or script injected either. Feel free to give it a go; there is no need to create an account, just use your own name and the pass code is ‘trains’.

Danger Zone – the original home page

Live Link: http://www.adrianhoulewebprojects.com/DangerZone/DangerZone.html

Danger ZoneThis was my first website I ever made, after only 1 week of studying HTML and CSS. It`s actually fairly responsive even on a mobile phone until you zoom in even further and a few things start to break (thus I started using word press themes and frameworks.) I still love the comment I got when I showed this to a senior programmer; something akin to it no longer being the 90`s.  So if you want a really distasteful website, here it is!